The Long and Short of It

Hot off the press! My first collection of poems has just been released and is available from

And what does a super smooth, Ultra-talkin’ extraordinaire have to say about it?

“In The Long and Short of It, we listen to an earnest man who has seen disturbing things in the world– especially the vulnerabilities of unlucky people and–often feels more than he expected to feel. There is a touching energy in his self-talk as he tries to arrive at calm attitudes toward suffering and loss.”

Mark Halliday, author of Thresherphobe, Keep This Forever, and others



Book Review: Looting Versailles by Jake Sheff

In his first collection of poetry, Looting Versailles, Jake Sheff explores everything from a “nipple” on the “supermoon” to “hide-and-seek” with “drunkards”. Throughout the collection, Jake wages intrapersonal battles that texturize a heightened awareness of interpersonal realities. As the reader forges through the book, they encounter a wide range of surfaces—rough, smooth, slippery, soft—and these surfaces all work together to keep the reader on solid ground, even when they’re called upon to compare a “skull” to “an object for bludgeoning”. At times playful, at times grave, and always spry, Jake uses fresh colors on a colossal palette to tickle the underbelly of his readers’ desires. By the end of the collection, the reader will come to fully appreciate the creative force of “a de Kooning brushstroke / On a Nighthawks print”.

The book is available on Amazon

Mock Turtle Zine: a Dayton Original

Mock Turtle Zine: a Dayton Original

Mock Turtle Zine is a literary and arts publication produced in Dayton, by founding editor, Christina Dendy, and managing editor, Matthew Birdsall. The zine is a collection of works by talented local writers, poets, and artists from the Miami Valley. … Continue reading

Check Out “After the Apocalypse” A New Poetry Collection from Down in the Dirt Magazine

Check Out “After the Apocalypse” A New Poetry Collection from Down in the Dirt Magazine

“After the Apocalypse (poetry edition)” is the poetry collection book based on the 2012 issues of cc&d magazine and Down in the Dirt magazine, published by Scars Publications. Contributors in this collection book includes Janet Kuypers, Linda Webb Aceto, Loukia M. Janavaras, Marlon Jackson, Michael Aspros, Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, Kristopher Miller, Amanda Blair, Brandi Capozzi, Michael Ceraolo, Liam Spencer, Sarah Lucille ant, Gary Lundy, Dan Fitzgerald, Virginia Fultz, Nicholas Viglietta, Joseph Hart, Chad Grant, Michael Lee Johnson, Bob Johnston, Elena Botts, Jacob Kreutzer, Riley Kean, Travis Green, Sheryl L. Nelms, Mark Breckenridge, Jeffrey Park, I.B. Rad, Ruth Juris, G.A. Saindon, David Thompson, Eric Shelman, Eileen Troemel, Mel Waldman, Mike Berger, Corey Cook, Jane Stuart, Lily Gardner, Robert D. Lyons, Brian Looney, Jennifer E. Lee, S. Progress, John Newmark, Joseph Lisowski, Andrew H. Oerke, Denny E. Marshall, Emily Olive Petit, William Wright Harris, John Rachel, John Constantine Mastor, Kenneth DiMaggio, Allen M Weber, Marcin Majkowski, Bruce Matteson, Jennifer McCain, Donna Pucciani, CEE, Paul J. Burt, Jim Carson, Steven Pelcman, Fritz Hamilton, Kyle Hemmings, Bill Wolak, J. Kent Allred, Matthew Guzman, Bradley Bates, Jenna Kelly, Anna Calubayana, Cara Chanoinec, Sheila Cremin, John Ragusa, Jim Davis, Larry Schug, Richard Fein, Robin Fine, Frank DeCanio, Clinton Van Inman, Maria J. Malone, James B. Nicola, Michael S. Morris, Staci Leigh, Susie Swanton, Kimberly M. Miller, E. J. Loera, R. N. Taber, Matthew T. Birdsall, Lisa Cappiello, Chad D. Barber, Nathan Hahs, John Grey, Harlan Richards, Katrina K Guarascio, Christopher Hanson, Russell Rowland, Christopher Hivner, Holly Day, Changming Yuan, Judith Kaufman, James Livingston, Ben Macnair, Betti Bernardi, Audrey Burns, William Doreski, Jackson Burgess, John Duncklee, Deni Ann Gereighty, Don Hargraves, Michael Hoag, Rochelle Lynn Holt, Wayne Allen Jones, Ice Gayle Johnson, Charlie Newman, Jenene Ravesloot, Bob Rashkow, W, Donta Andrews, Kelly Darrow, Drew Nacht, Christine Barba, CK Baker, William Robison, Mary Stone, Christie Lambert, and Mark Vogel.